Caring in the true sense of the word

​The sensitivity required for competent care comes from within, a disposition. Our carers reflect on caring as a vocation, a calling, not a job. True caring comes from engagement with the client, being present in the moment, attending to a client’s needs, while being attentive to their person. ​

Caring for you in your own home

We understand that one of the most difficult things for many of us in life, is to ask for help. After a lifetime of experiences, it might seem, improper, demeaning or embarrassing. Yet asking for assistance is not a demonstration of weakness, rather a realisation that one’s quality of life, physically and/or emotionally, can be enhanced with some kind and reliable help, without suffering any loss of independence or dignity.

By working with Eden Care you can stay in the home you love, receiving all the care you need, enabling you to enjoy a great quality of life, with the flexibility of having family and friends over when you choose.

What can regular care mean for you or your loved one?

  • Ease the strain on family, especially the main family carer
  • Provide peace of mind for family members who live far away
  • Encourage and improve the independence for you or your loved one
  • Establish structure with care calls being arranged at agreed times each day
  • Regular carers building and developing a relationship such that clients look forward to carers calling

What services can we provide?

When we promise to provide care, we start and end with you and your wishes, not a list of chores. We are there for you, to do whatever needs to be done, to assist your comfort and maintain your independence, while respecting your dignity.