“A More Caring Approach”

Live in Care

Live in Care

Around the clock care in the comfort and familiarity of your own home

Live-in care provides around the clock care and support to people in their own home.

No one should have to move away from their home just because they are a little older. We know that most people would prefer to stay in their home, rather than move into a residential home.

Having a live-in carer provide support as well as companionship means that you can stay in the home you love and lead a more enjoyable life, closer to your friends and family.

How Will We Be Able To Help?

In most cases we will simply help make your normal life a little easier. 

If you need a bit of help getting out and about or attending appointments, we can help with that. We’re also here to undertake errands, do light housekeeping or shopping. 

If you are in need of companionship, we’re quite happy to keep you company. We can assist with reading or writing a letter, helping you out with hobbies or escorting you to social occasions, or just being around for general support. 

There may be times when you need a little extra help. We can help about the house by preparing meals and medication, help with the washing, ironing or linen and help with bathing, dressing and getting to and from bed. Whatever you require for your life to run more smoothly.

    Benefits of Live-In Care…

    • Preclude or delay moving to a residential care home
    • Reduce time spent in hospital or possibility of re-admittance to hospital
    • Be more available and accessible to friends and family
    • Enjoy a higher level of independence
    • Provide peace of mind for family members knowing you are not alone
    • Choose what you wish to eat and when you choose to eat
    • Enhances your emotional well-being by staying in your secure place
    • Allows a couple to stay home together for longer, rather than be separated
    • Better protects self-esteem and sense of self/identity construct