“A More Caring Approach”

Respite Care


Family Carers in England


There are roughly 5.4 million people in the UK who whether paid or unpaid, care for a family member or friend who is either disabled, older or ill. They are truly the nation's unsung heroes.

In research which was carried out for the Carers' Week of June 2016, a majority of those carers feel as though they receive inadequate or non-existent support from their local services, which we feel is terrible, but sadly not shocking.

What’s more, when carers face a lack of understanding about their caring role from the overall community, the negative impact on their health, wellbeing, relationships and finances is exacerbated.

Carers UK’s State of Caring 2016 report shows that, one year on from the implementation of the Care Act 2014, which was designed to improve support for them, carers in England are still struggling to get the support they need to care well, maintain their own health, to truly balance work and care, as well as to have a life of their own outside of caring.


How Can Eden Care Help?

We understand the needs of family carers and their wish to undertake care for unwell relatives and/or friends for the majority of the time. 

Eden Care know how to provide the support they need to help them continue effectively in their caring role. It is absolutely crucial, to continue your effectiveness as a family carer that you build in time for yourself, whether that is for a few hours break, a few days or a week or two for a well-deserved holiday.

Our respite service is flexible and designed to meet your particular needs. It can be in the in your family home or on a supported holiday/break away from home, aimed at offering you, the main carer a much needed break.