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Diabetes Awareness

Course Summary

Diabetes is a serious long term condition that occurs when the amount of glucose, or sugar, in the blood is too high. It is one of the leading cause of death in the UK and if left untreated, high blood glucose levels can cause serious complications.

There are a range of symptoms that could indicate that someone had Diabetes, these range from excessive thirst to feeling more tired than usual. Being able to recognise the symptoms of diabetes and knowing how our Carers can help our clients to manage the condition is essential.

This will provide an overview of the condition, the common symptoms that might indicate someone has diabetes, methods of diagnosis, some possible treatments and common complications that can affect those with the condition.

Dementia Awareness

Course summary

The number of people with dementia is expected to grow rapidly in the UK and around the globe. There is currently no cure for dementia, and symptoms can include memory loss, confusion, finding familiar tasks challenging, mood swings and communication difficulties. With dementia set to affect such a large proportion of the population due to more people living for longer than ever before, it is vital that society is aware of the signs of the condition, and how to help individuals struggling with dementia. This course covers the symptoms and types of dementia, different types of dementia, its assessment, diagnosis and how to manage communication and care.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Course summary

Our Safeguarding Adults at Risk course explores the signs and symptoms of abuse and how to reduce the risk of abuse, understand what to do if abuse is suspected, as well as the importance of whistleblowing and multi-agency cooperation. This course also covers key topics such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), trafficking, and safer recruitment to ensure learners have a well-rounded understanding of key safeguarding areas. This ensures learners are equipped with the knowledge need to identify a wide range of potential abuse. 

Infection Prevention and Control Awareness

Course summary

This Infection Control Awareness course aims to increase learners’ knowledge of infection, how they spread, preventing spread, personal hygiene, and the relevant legislation. The key points covered in this course are: Defining infection control, pathogens, Types of pathogens and infection and infections, Chain of infection and its effects, Infection control, Hand washing to WHO standard, PPE for infection control and Preventing spread of infection.

Moving and Handling People

Course summary

This course will provide Learners with the information and guidance they need to move and position service users safely, and in a way that promotes their independence, dignity and functional mobility. It will also teach about the importance of risk assessments and the potential hazards involved and the key legislation relevant to moving and handling.

Medication Management Training

Course Summary

Our Medication Management Training course offers face-to-face training for all care workers on the topic of medication management. Our course helps care workers to understand legislation, relevant policy and procedures relevant to administration of medication, and provide training for administering and monitoring medication safely.